Table reservation software for restaurants of all sizes

Geeteables is a cloud based table reservation software for restaurants.

Geetables effectively fits into restaurants of all sizes and helps restaurants in maintaining and tracking their reservations and to maintain customer profile and feedback.

Built For Restaurants Of All Sizes

We have built a software that would fit restaurants of all sizes.

The software is simple, intutive and feature rich so that restaurateurs and hoteliers can now throw away their spreadsheets and concentrate on running their business.

Keep Track Of Regular Customers

Geetables helps you indentify when a regular or a repeat customer is visiting your restaurant. This could help your restaurant staff to indentify them and give them the attention that they deserve.

Collect Feedback From Your Customers

With Geetables you can now collect feedback from your customers and access it whenever required. This also comes in handy for restaurant staff to be prepared before the customer arrives next time.

Cloud All The Way

Geetables is built on the cloud. This means you do not worry about servers, hardware upgrades and any of the headaches of managing your own IT systems.

What people are saying...

Sohan Sharma
Radisson City Center, Gurugram

"Simple yet feature rich. My team loves it. Thank a lot guys!"

Saravanan S
The Park, Chennai

"Before Geetables we were tracking our reservations with a complex "

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